How to Prepare Your Listing for the Photoshoot
Before Your Photographer Arrives
The first impression of your property that potential buyers have
comes from how stimulating the photos are. Preparing the home
for photos is essential for leaving a great first impression.
Please use this list as a guide to preparing the home

- Remove all vehicles from the driveway
- Remove all trash cans, stray water hoses, and out of season holiday signs.
- Remove any signage that may express opinions/beliefs unless the seller expressly wants them to appear in the photos
- Organize the home from front to back: lawn chairs, patio furniture, toys, tools, etc.
- Stage your home... What draws people in?? AESTHETICS!


- Turn on all lights in the home
- Twist open all window blinds. They do not need to be pulled up, only twisted open
- Remove any and all items that the sellers does not want to be seen in the photos
What To Expect during the Photoshoot
- The photographer can show up as early as 30 minutes prior to the appointment
- The photographer will be expecting to have full access to the property. If there are any rooms the seller does not want photos of or areas that are private, please let the photographer know upon arrival
- Items may be hidden in the garage or closets. We only photograph those areas if requested.
- We DO photograph laundry rooms
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